Rules & Regulations

1) These Rules and Regulations are applicable to the students who are admitted to the Paying Guest (“PG”).

2) Admission is open to full-time students only. First preference will be given to outstation students.

3) The application form completed in all respects should be submitted to the office of the director (Admin) / estate officer on any working day during office hours i.e. between 11 am to 8 pm. The management will have full discretion to accept or reject any application without any clarification to students and or their parents/relatives/legal guardians.

4) Incomplete and/or false information will lead to cancellation of admission at any time. And we intend to forfeit the entire fee.

5) Admission will be valid for one academic year only, i.e., June to May. Continuity consent for the next academic year is to be registered in advance and payment toward annual fees is to be made in the month of June. Students have to undertake along with a written guarantee of a local guardian and post-dated cheques towards balance payment for the full academic year. In case of default, Management will have the authority to realize all dues through those cheques. In case of timely payment, those cheques are returned unused at the time of termination at the end of the academic year.

6) Students are bound to strictly follow the Rules during the tenure of staying as paying guests (‘PG”), failing which Management will have the right to penalize the student and may be constrained to cancel the admission with immediate effect along with penalty.

7) Management reserves the right to amend/alter Rules, and fees at any time without assigning any reason.

8) Smoking, consumption of alcohol/ alcoholic drinks, consumption/use/storage of any form of a narcotic substance and spitting is strictly prohibited on the PG premises.

9) The students are required to follow and observe proper dress codes.

10) Students are required to maintain silence and ensure that they do not cause any disturbance to other students and or their neighbour/s. Students are further required not to talk loudly or play loud music post 10 pm. Student/s if found violating the said rule will be issued a memo towards indiscipline and a repeat of such behaviour may compel the management to initiate disciplinary action and further compel the management to cancel the admission of the student/s from the PG within 7 (seven) days from the date of issuance of the memo.

11) No visitors, whether a friend, parent/s, relatives or legal guardian will be allowed in the room of the student. The student/s are strictly prohibited from calling their boyfriend/girlfriend on the premises of the PG.

12) Staying outside without obtaining prior written permission (WhatsApp/ email/text messages allowed) beyond 11 pm will not be allowed. Staying with local guardians and/or relatives with due prior permission in limited cases is only allowed in the PG.

13) During summer or any other long vacation, student/s is/are expected to vacate the premises with their belongings. Management will not be responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to belongings at any time and student/s should be responsible for taking all necessary measures/precautions to avoid such incidents.

14) Student/s is /are prohibited from organizing any function/event inside or within the PG premises. Student/s is/are further prohibited from putting up posters, shouting slogans and assembling to create hindrances inside the PG premises.

15) Consumption of food inside the room is strictly prohibited until and unless there arises a medical and/ or grave situation requiring the student/s to eat food at regular intervals. As the PG provides breakfast, lunch and dinner the student/s is/ are required to follow the food timings.

16) Student/s are required to take utmost care of the room/ property and shall ensure that there is no damage done to the room/ property.

17) Students shall ensure that the rooms allotted to them are maintained properly and in a hygienic manner at all times. No games are allowed inside rooms, except for boards & educational games.

18) In case of any complaint, difficulties, or problems, the student/s shall on a priority basis appraise the management. No student/s shall endeavour to take the law into their own hands. Any complaint to the Police or any other Government authority should be routed through the Management only. Even all illness and accident is to be brought to the notice of the Management first. The Director (Admin) will always represent the Management. If the student/s is/ are involved in any fight with other student/s and any harm caused during the alteration and/ or fight will compel the management to forthwith cancel the admission of the student/s and also forfeit their fees. Further, the management shall not be responsible for any injury/ serious injury caused during the fight/ alteration. The student is/ are aware that fights may cause loss of limb/life and for which the management will not be held responsible.

19) Students suffering from any chronic disease/s which are contagious in nature will be requested to vacate the PG till complete recovery as there are high chances that the other student/s may contract the same disease or infection which will be detrimental to their health. Any student suffering from any sort of peer pressure, mental illness, or stress issues is required to inform the management regarding the same either in person or over a call. The management understands that in today’s competitive world stress-related issues are on a rise and if not paid attention to may lead to serious consequences. A student suffering from the above must also inform their parents, friends, legal guardian, and relatives, and seek appropriate medical advice. The management shall not be responsible if any student/ s decides to end their precious life.

20) Every student shall keep the room allotted to her clean and neat. She will take proper care of the furniture and fixtures handed over to her. Students are expected to switch off the lights and fans in their rooms every time they go out and take adequate precautions to economize electricity consumption. The air conditioners are to remain off every day for three hours during cleaning and maintenance from 9 A.M. to 12 Noon and it is to be strictly followed. The Management will have the right to enter and inspect the rooms at any time even in the absence of the student/s. The inspection done will be recorded for reference purposes.

21) Charges for any damages to the property as well as to the furniture and fixtures caused by a student/students, if negligible, will be recovered from the student/students staying in the said flat (room). In major cases, compensation with penal actions can be applied. In case of misbehaving and misconducting herself, she will be expelled immediately and the fees paid by her/him will be forfeited.

22) Before leaving the PG, the student/s must pay all dues and hand over the charge of the room and other materials to the in charge of the administration department.

24) All disputes arising out of or in regard to the interpretation of the Rules and Regulations are subject to the jurisdiction of courts/tribunals in Mumbai only.

25) No refund will be paid if the colleges or institutions are closed due to Covid-19 or any other reasons.

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